Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's time to start again......

Ok. I think I'm ready to get back in the blogging game! I've had a million excuses, as we all do, for not documenting all the excitement in our lives these past two years. We moved across the country, then moved across town, then built an addition onto the house, and along the way enjoyed family, new friends, old friends, stress, growing up struggles, messes (LOTS of these actually), vacations, birthdays, holiday fun, gained pets, lost pets, had new experiences, and sometimes enjoyed and sometimes endured the every day mundane magic around our house that has brought us to where we are. I hope to be able to recount with some accuracy many of these highlights to bring our little family journal here up to speed. When I got on to update, obviously the first thing to do was to update some pictures! We went to visit with Johns' brother Jason, his wife, Staci, and their three little kiddo's over the summer. Since Staci is a very skilled photographer, I asked if she would do a family shoot for us again. Despite the heat, late hour and some crying, she managed to capture us! We are so grateful for her talent and patience! I thought it would make a good first  post back to just include some of my favorites.
Dad and his boys ( you can see some remnants of some tears in this one ;) )

Mom and the girls

All the kids tickling Tori

The younger ones being silly.....

The older ones being silly....

John and I reminding each other we will be successful against the odds :)

It only seems appropriate to note how much I love my little people and the unique personalities and blessings they each bring into our home.They each do their part to make sure there is never a dull moment, and show us what life is all about!  And of course, I could not be more grateful for my amazing companion and best friend, who rises to the challenge with me each day as we try guide these children, and loves me and brings me joy all along the way.


  1. I (we I should say becuase the boys love seeing ther cousins) can't wait to see all your updates and current happenings.

  2. Good start and a quick finish?

  3. Im glad to see you're blogging again! I miss you and enjoy seeing what you're up to now and then. Keep it up!